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The Art of Negotiating with Space Monsters is out!

Author Jay Key has recently released a new short story - The Art of Negotiating with Space Monsters: A Short Story About a Guy Named Doug - available on Kindle eBook!

The story will also appear as part of the upcoming space anthology, Beyond the Galaxy: The War Between Teku and Krad (courtesy of Molten Universe Media), featuring over a dozen of the most talented science fiction writers today. There is no doubt that it will become an instant fan favorite.

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, getting to brainstorm with some of the top authors and creative minds working today. The anthology will all center on a single shared universe that we built in collaboration over a weekend in Seattle in the Fall of 2019. Each writer brings a unique voice to the overarching story of the Teku and Krad; my story veers more comedy - similar to the Duke LaGrange books. But you will have hard sci-fi, young adult, sci-fi with a post-apoc vibe, among other styles all under the umbrella of space opera. I am very proud to have my name attached to it," Key said during a 2020 interview.

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